Yesterday,Today & Tomoro

The Empty Head Syndrome



I grew up taking one day at a time. This isn’t a sob story or gossip I’m just being real. I never had a dream to catch or things to look forward to. That’s just how I was. I lived the moment and went to the next, trying not to look back or look too forward to the future. I blocked out things that were too hard for my emotional side to handle and I never hoped for things that looked irrational. When I became an adult, I had no clue how to reach out and to take what I wanted. I know how to serve someone and to make their dreams come true. I am an expert on how to make someone happy. I follow orders and I follow them well. I know how to complete something with only my best efforts. I’m a hard worker and I am a fast learner. But I don’t know how to do what I like to do when someone else wants do something else. This is something I’m still working on, but I am learning. My sister taught me a valuable lesson. That its ok if I am taking one step at a time if that’s all I can do right now. If you are moving forward, even if its one step at a time, you are doing an excellent job! Keep up the hard work and don’t give up. It doesn’t really matter what people say about your voyage in life unless they are showing you what’s ahead. People can says dg ugh whatever they want, but in reality its your road to walk and they aren’t the ones who is going to have to finish that road. So keep on soldier! I am on a road that down the road I will b confident in where I am going, who I am, and what I am doing. Tomorrow may never come, but I know I will one day be happy with where I am and be striving to be more! This i my dream. This is who I am.


The Beginning




To whom it may concern,or to whomever is reading this. These are my crazy thoughts and my unusual writings. So y’all, welcome to my life.
It all began when I wanted to start to journal. I bought several amazing, lovely, beautiful books and yet, after a couple of weeks I would feel either too tired or have something that was too fun and exciting to write in my journal. Slowly, the journal would be set a side until I found another amazing journal or found my old journal read through it and wished I kept going. This was a regular cycle I went through and as you could probably guess by now, I’m a collector of journals. The look of them, the feel them and most importantly,the smell of them caught and captured me making it impossible to put it down and walk out of the store without them. Then after a couple of weeks they would be forgotten under the mattress or in some other secret hidden place where nosey little brothers and suspicious parents would not be able to find it. One day, a brilliant idea came to me! Why not get a journal app on my phone. I would be able to take it wherever I went,I would be able to lock it from nosey and suspicious people and I would be able to vent and write wherever and whenever. But every app I got either deleted all my stuff after a few days or it wouldn’t work at all. This was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. After not being able to find a working journal, I went back to writing in paperback journals. My sister and several of my friends wrote blogs which I thought was fine ad all for them, but I never thought that I was would never be able to write anything interesting. But despite everything, here am. I have decided to use this as my journal. So y’all, that is how my blog began.